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    "Over the years I have been very grateful to the medical community for what I felt literally saved some of my family's lives.  I've also had several other experiences where I felt like procedures and prescriptions hindered my overall health.  My sister-in-law gave us The Emotion Code book in 2011, which started my natural healing journey.  I studied the material, practiced, and became certified in The Emotion Code.  Soon afterward I purchased The Body Code and attended some live seminars with Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Again, I studied and practiced and felt like "someday" I would get certified in the Body Code also.
    I kept feeling subtle promptings like, "You need to get certified."  I kept telling myself that I just didn't have time right now.  Well, it didn't stop, and finally, it came as "you need to get certified RIGHT NOW!!!"  I decided to listen and signed up for the Body Code Certification Program right away.  As usual, by following those little voices, it led me to great blessings.  A couple months after I started the program I had some awful things come into my life, then a month later to another family member.  I have no doubt that those promptings were placed in me for a reason, and I shudder to think what could have happened had I not had the tools and knowledge already in place when those things started happening."  --Doreen Larsen
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“At times my back would go out and I could hardly move. Because of the distance, it would take me a good day to get to the nearest chiropractor and back. Now I get help from Doreen Larsen, my Certified Body Code Practitioner, and within a short time I’m up and going again, and there’s no pain from the physical manipulation afterwards!”


The Emotion Code

When we experience extreme stress or tragedies in our lives our body can "trap" the emotion(s) that we feel strongly during this event.  It can lodge in our tissues somewhere and eventually cause issues.  These trapped emotions can distort the body's energy field, which irritates the body tissues and can eventually cause havoc.  When we experience pain or symptoms, our body is telling us that something is not right.  

The Miracle Lamb

This was a triplet born in the wee hours of the morning.  One sister was alive and well, sucking the mother.  One brother was dead, mauled by a horse.  The miracle lamb had also been mauled, was alive, but not doing well.  His neck was stuck with his nose back against his right shoulder.  His hindquarters were paralyzed, and the mother would have nothing to do with him.  I picked him up and carried him to a small covered pen.  Luckily, I happened to have a small EMOTION CODE chart in my pocket.  I pulled it out and found four trapped emotions and released them.  Next, I went to the house and mixed up a homemade lamb formula, then tried to feed him from a baby bottle.  He swallowed a tiny amount several times, but by night time I could see no change.  
The Miracle Lamb
The next morning I reluctantly walked down to his pen hoping he had passed on so I wouldn't have to put him down myself.  To my surprise, his head was contorted, and when I lifted him to his feet he had a tiny bit of movement in them.  By the end of the day, he was sucking the bottle and could walk a little, even though it was wobbly.  The next day he was staggering a little but was starting to play with the other lambs.  The picture above shows him enjoying his lunch at one-month-old.